History of the Mini BauHaus Project by LATCH

This exciting project came to LATCH Collective from Tiny House University in Berlin. The frame was co-built by LATCH Collective tiny house enthusiasts from the community and was showcased at the Berlin Lab Festival in Los Angeles’ Arts District during the Fall of 2017. Since then, LATCH Collective has held 3 workshops gathering the wider community’s design ideas for turning these 3 micro pods into a fully functioning, aesthetically pleasing living space! We even had elementary school children do a whole engineering project focused on the Tiny Bauhauses.

photo of wooden structure in front of graffiti wall. Structure is three smaller curved roof structures connected together. Each one is slightly larger that person.
4 people looking through a 2x4 frame of a build project

Inspired Students Design Sustainable Tiny House Models

Through international collaboration with Tiny House University, students at Niemes Elementary school were able to learn about the tiny house design movement. Through collaboration with  LATCH collective, students were able to ask questions about engineering and design from experts such as urban planners. Students were then challenged to build their own tiny house model with a focus on sustainability and the engineering process. Students followed determined criteria and constraints to design, test, revise, and complete their tiny house models. Students were asked to share their models at the LATCH Tiny House Design Expo, where they explained their process to the public. In addition to creating their own tiny house models, these elementary school students really enjoyed watching LATCH collective go through the build process and see the BauHaus plans come to life. LATCH is currently completing the mini BauHauses in order to share them with students and members of the community at several educational events in the upcoming months.

two plywood structures with curved roofs. One structure has a large opening in it with a cushion in the opening. Beside the structures is an older gentleman talking to a young child
architectural ink sketch of a small structure that has three parts. They are shown in two different configurations.

See Mini BauHaus at TinyFest California