Soup, Anyone?

Soup applies design to do good. Designers, developers, artists and activists lend their skills to projects like building beautiful, affordable houses for low-income families interested in a simple approach to living. The homes, created from shipping containers, are safe, well-crafted, and thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of a family. They promote “blocks” of residential living that boost a sense of community.

Soup is passionate about the vital role design can play in forwarding humanitarian goals.

Building Blocks for Living

Blocks is Soup’s non-profit initiative for growing the world’s supply of desirable, affordable housing by installing prefab homes on existing residential properties. Soup serves as a trusted network connecting homeowners with prospective tenants. The goal is to provide housing for 100,000 people over the next 10 years.

photo of a small home which appears to be nearly all windows on one side. There is a deck in front with modern looking chairs on it. It looks very classy
photo of a sleek modern dining area with kitchen behind it. There is a lot of white and crisp clean lines in the design
interior photo of sleek modern dining room and living room . They are both in one large wide open room with a wall full of floor to ceiling windows

Why this matters

We need to bring together the people who can, with the people who need, to enable healthier communities. On a macro scale, increasing the supply of affordable housing is one of the biggest levers for improving public health and economic prosperity. At the community level, Blocks helps in three ways: tenants have better options for housing; homeowners benefit financially with rent and increased property value; and the community grows stronger by creating more space for human connections.

Who this is for

Homeowners: Anyone who owns land and has sufficient real estate to fit another unit could be a Blocks homeowner. They would be interested for two reasons: the financial benefit of cash flow from a new tenant, and the desire to improve and enrich their community.

Tenants: There are many potential customer segments, but we’re going to start with low-income families. These people have a home today, but it can be woefully insufficient, and they lack better, more affordable options — even with government aid programs like Section 8. Over time, we envision Blocks helping a wider group of people, including the homeless.

Tour a Blocks Shipping Container Home & Learn More at TinyFest

black and white logo that reads Blocks and under that "A project" and to there right the words "Soup" and