Better House Building with Jay Shafer

Join us at TinyFest in San Jose to learn how tiny house pioneer, Jay Shafer, is now making houses three times more efficient than his previous designs at less than half the price per-square foot.
Jay will be unveiling his own, newly completed home at the event and opening its doors for workshop participants to see for themselves how much more can be done with so much less.
With demonstrations, props, pictures, and his house, Jay will leave newbies feeling like building scientists and established building-science-geeks feeling even smarter.

photo of Jay Shafer looking up contemplatively with his pen poised to continue the layout he is designing on grid paper.
image of cover of a book "The Small House Book" is written at the top. A picture of a man in his 40s standing in front of a tiny house on wheels that is pioneer gothic style
old fashion style ticket with bright blue sky and green hills and a banner that reads "Tickets" on one side and a graphic of a tiny house on the other side.
photo at sunset of large blue arch of the entrance of Santa Clara County Fairgrounds

– YOU or anyone else interested in seeing how a house, of any size, can be built far better for far less.

– JAY SHAFER has been designing,  building, living in and teaching others about tiny houses since 1999. He is credited as pioneer of the movement.

– JAY’s HOUSE was built for less than $3,000. Weighing in at just 50sf and 1,600lbs, it contains a full-sized sofa bed, a desk/table, 90 cubic feet of storage and a second full-sized bed in the loft. A separate, 25sf kitchen/bathroom can be attached to its side when the house is stationary.

– A COPY OF THE SMALL HOUSE BOOK (“The book that started a movement”) will be provided to all attendees.

– THE SMALL HOUSE BOOK ADDENDUM isn’t due out until next year, but everyone in attendance will receive an advance, rough-draft.

– FREE ADMISSION to TINYFEST on Saturday for all who reserve a place at the workshop in advance.

Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, Expo Hall

10:00a UNTIL 5:00p on Saturday, June 16, with a 90 minute break from 12:45-2:15.

How Much:
$89 IN ADVANCE, $99 AT THE DOOR. Reserve your spot now. Seating is limited.

Register HERE