Great things came about because of this great workshop held in 2018!

Do you want more places in your area where you can live tiny legally?

Learn to help make that happen at TinyFest California 2018!

This workshop is meant to provide tiny house activists with the tools they need to start a campaign to create positive change in their local communities.

This workshop will cover:

  • Identifying local information resources you can use;

  • Understanding the governmental approval process;

  • How to build an effective local coalition;

  • How to identify and approach local government leadership;

  • How to talk to local government officials;

  • Movable Tiny Houses as Accessory Dwelling Units.

Participants will leave with a presentation you can give to local policy-makers!

logo reads American Tiny House Association on the right side and to the left of that is a US flagged that appears in the shaper of a house. There roof is blue with one star and the red and white stripes appear to have windows and a door.
head and shoulders portrait of a business man in his mid 60s in a traditional coat and tie.

Taught by Daniel R. Fitzpatrick, one of the nation’s most successful advocates for tiny house legalization and author of Fresno’s Tiny House on Wheels as ADU ordinance,

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The cost of this workshop does not include your ticket to TinyFest.  Get your festival tickets HERE!