You're Gonna Love The Simple Living Marketplace

If you have a product or service that pertains to tiny houses, sustainability, simple living, healthy living, reducing, reusing, or recycling, you will find your best customers at TinyFest California. 

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Below are some of the wonderful vendors that were at TinyFest California 2018….

logo reads American Tiny House Association on the right side and to the left of that is a US flagged that appears in the shaper of a house. There roof is blue with one star and the red and white stripes appear to have windows and a door.
cover of the book "The Big Adventures of Tiny House" is written in large letters in front of a blue sky with white puffy clouds. There is a small truck pulling a tin house. Both are small and cartoonish on the cover of this children's book
logo that has brown paper bag/ recycled paper in the background and the works "Butter Me Up Organics a modern day apothecary"
logo with the word California large and the color of the ocean. There is a simple drawing palm tree on one side an a small house on the other. The bottom has a drawing of the waves of the ocean.
purple flowers in the corner and the word doTERRA written lightly beside it. The logo is simple and crisp looking
white background with black letters that read Hampui Medicine Hats. There is a geomentric drawing in the middle of the logo
The word LATCH. The A has been replaced with the outline of a home.
logo with the word Pella inside a yellow circle which is inside a black rectangle. The words Windows & Doors are beside it in large letters
logo reads SOL Solutions The O in SOL had a bright yellow sun behind it and a lightning bolt in the middle of it. At the bottom is an extension cord.
A red circle with the letter T subtracted from it. The words Trailer Made Custom Trailers LLC
clipart of a carrot with a rectangle around it. The word VeggiDome are written in orange and green
Colorful logo that reads "dotdot smile with Darcy" The letters are playful and round and designed to appeal to children. There is a cartoon drawing of a child and a unicorn on the logo as well. Each letter is a different color
logo with sketches of 9 small houses- 3 rows of 3 The words "Cohousing California" to the right.
a small bus painted sky blue with a large white circle on it and the words "Pause Now" on the side. The words Saturday only are written in yellow at the top of the page
logo with a green oak leaf and the word "Modular Lifestyles"
logo round red circle with the words "p.o.p. candy fresh butter crunch
logo with what looks like a few hand stitches in red thread and the words "Savvy Threads"
Whtie background with black text that reads" Simply Divine Episcipol Church of St. John in Morgan Hill"
drawing of large caricature sun with long rays reaching out in every direction. Words read "Local Artisan Shop" and "Sarah-By-The-Sea"
a black rectangle with the word HAMAMA in the lower left.
The word "Tupperware" written in bright pink text
The words "Unforgettable Fire" in a curvy font

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