TinyFest California will feature a full line-up of Main Stage Presentations and Tiny Living Workshops to fill the weekend with information and inspiration! Topics include not only numerous aspects of going tiny, living tiny and creating tiny, but also sustainability, minimalism, creativity, healthy living, natural living and, of course, codes, zoning, and permitting!!

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Check out some of the speakers from 2018...

man in a lavender colored button down shirt speaking into a microphone at an outdoor event. He is about 30 yrs old with bright eyes looking up to the right and a pair of sunglasses on his head.

Artisan Josh- Emcee

Artisan Josh is often called the “Voice of the Tiny House Movement.” If you’ve ever heard him speak, you know why! His deep, baritone voice captures the attention of all that hear it and his heartfelt, eloquent words keep them listening. Josh is a Certified Master Tradesman, contractor, artisan and muralist. In January of 2017, he sold all of his possessions and hit the road with his 66 sq foot custom built, eco-friendly, and self-sustaining tiny house in tow.  Learn more about Josh at www.ArtisanJosh.com
head and shoulders picture of a young woman in her late 20s wearing a green t-shirt and a very big smile

Teresa Baker

Teresa Baker, along with her wife Shaina, co-founded LATCH Collective. The LA based group has grown into a network of DIYers, enthusiasts, and professionals supporting each other in co-building tiny homes, offering educational workshops, hands on building experience, a labor sharing program, and a library of resources. Teresa serves as State Chapter Leader for the American Tiny House Association and enjoys being a problem solver and solution creator when it comes to zoning, building codes, and regulations. 
head and shoulders picture of a man in his 60s with gray hair slicked back and a white collar shirt on

Robin Butler

Robin Butler has been building homes for 40+ years. He is experienced in design, plans, building, the permit process, building inspections/ inspectors, plus dealing with planning and zoning departments. In 2015, he saw a need in the tiny house movement. He put his experience to use by founding NOAH, a third-party inspection and certification company for tiny houses on wheels. NOAH helps both professional builders and DIYers create safe, certified homes.


professional business portrait of a woman in her 40s with a white dress shirt and black jacket. typical studio portrait with gray backdrop

Tammy Vallejo

Tammy Vallejo is a social entrepreneur focused on solving society’s most pressing issues through business strategies and collaborative partnerships. She is CEO and founder of 5 social enterprise companies; City Impact Hubs, Compassion Village, Compassion Enterprises, Real Estate with Purpose and E49 Corporation. In 2005 she started her first company- a social impact real estate brokerage. She continued her career by working to help people who couldn’t afford housing.
picture of couple in their early thirties.He has dark skin and dark hair. He has a clean cut style with dark gray t-shirt short hair and a big smile. She also has slighltly darker skin, long black hair, a sweet smile and a floral scarf

Steven and Sarahi Mejia

Steven and Sarahi are owners and self-builders of a mega tiny house aka theBigCasita and creators of LivingTinyinLA.com. LTLA is a resource to help you learn all about the lifestyle of downsizing and minimalism with emphasis on the financial considerations of going tiny. They transitioned out of their corporate executives jobs and big house by getting rid of 80% of their belongings, saving $50K on their own luxury tiny home build, and learning how to measure their money to lower living expenses by 70%. 
head and shoulders photo of a man in his early 30s. He has short brown hair and a trim beard and mustache.

Nick Mosley

Nick Mosley is the President and CO-Founder of California Tiny House, Inc.  Nick and his 6 additional family members have work side by side building unique custom homes for their west coast clientele.  They also currently work with CTE/ROP High School programs throughout the state to adopt tiny house building as curriculum in the schools and instruct teachers and students to build housing for homeless Vets, fire victims, and to combat homelessness/ affordable housing throughout the state.
Head and shoulders photo of a man in a Hawaiian shirt, wearing sunglasses and a hat. His while hair is sticking out the sides of his baseball cap and beard and mustache surround a big smile. He is standing in front of solar panels

Chaz Peling

Chaz Peling of SolSolutions has been working with off-grid solar power, small living footprints and DYI homestead building for 40 years.  In this time he has built up much hands-on knowledge and experience in systems integrations and empowering folks to own their own power. SolSolutions was started by Chaz to offer more options around small and portable solar power solutions, and has been going for over 10 years.
black and white head and shoulders photo of a lady with long blonde hair. She has strong features and is about 30 years old

Traci Loftis

Traci Loftis is a minimalist lifestyle Realtor who is passionate about tiny homes as a solution to the housing crisis. She has been a licensed Realtor in four states spanning over 15 years. She is passionate about connecting homeowners who would love to increase their income as well as buyers and renters looking for any and all options in the Bay Area. She has become a Bay Area tiny home specialist TinyHomePads.com in addition to helping raise funds for nonprofits as a local fundraising auctioneer.
head and shoulders portrait of a business man in his mid 60s in a traditional coat and tie.

Dan Fitzpatrick

Mr. Fitzpatrick, as the California Chapter Leader of the American Tiny House Association, has made numerous presentations to municipalities thoughout the State of California. Because of his over 40 years of local government and developer experience, he has been working with municipal governments to amend their planning and zoning codes to permit movable tiny houses as ADU’s. He is also working with several California municipalities for demonstration infill tiny home projects.
photo of a woman inside a bus. She has long dark hair and sunglasses

Hannelore Inman

Realtor Hannelore Inman currently owns and travels in a converted VW Vanagon.  She has studied tiny homes and alternative housing solutions extensively. She’s a CA Real Estate Broker, General Building Contractor and a retired Real Estate Appraiser of 30 who specializing in vacant land for alternative units. Learn more at Land Is Home

a man leaning on the ledge of what appears to be a small door opening to a rooftop He's a dark skinned man with black glasses and a big smile

Adam Garrett-Clark

Adam Garrett-Clark has been experimenting in Off-Grid urban Tiny House living since 2014 when he set up a 6 unit village with friends- now 3 years strong. Through his consultancy firm for Tiny House solutions, Tiny Logic,  he helps with such challenges as permitting a backyard unit, finding a place to live in your tiny home, and building a pocket community.

photo of a vibrant young woman who is posing for the camera with a drill in her hand as if she is about to drill a hole in a piece of wood .

Isabelle LaRue

Creator of “Engineer Your Space”, Isabelle LaRue is a building engineer with a passion for efficient use of space. Well versed in small space living, she designs and builds custom solutions to transform small spaces into more beautiful, livable and functional homes. She empowers millions of people to do the same by sharing her building process on her award winning YouTube channel. 

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Toula Hubbard

Toula Hubbard is a Certified Integrative Health Coach. Wellness With Toula grew out of Toula’s passion for health and her desire to empower others. A lifelong traveler and recovering clutter-bug, Toula supports others in their journey to declutter the mind, body and environment  Toula helps clients improve their health, achieve their goals and develop sustainable habits to live a healthy and balanced life.

professional business portrait of a mid aged woman with blond curly/ wavy hair and a big smile

Jenifer Levini

Jenifer Levini is a Real Estate and Business Attorney who wants to use her powers for good. She has been involved with tiny homes for 2.5 years, attempting to build tiny home villages in California, organizing tiny home groups, and facilitating information sharing to help the movement grow. Her goals are to end the housing crisis, to eliminate housing insecurity, and to make life fun again.

More Speakers Listed Soon!


Betsy Miller
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